We are a boutique consulting firm guiding businesses and people into the Japanese and EU markets.

HR Consulting

We guide thriving startups through the entire process of successfully expanding into the Japanese and EU markets.
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We give you the knowledge and practical tools you need to develop your desired career and life.
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Our seminars are tailored to your organisation's needs to provide relevant and essential knowledge for your audience.
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About Us

Our deep knowledge and understanding of the Japanese and EU markets enable us to be a trustworthy partner and set you up for success.

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Our Promise

Why Kondo?

We put people first
A company's investments will ultimately come back to the company, which means investing in its people will make the company more fruitful in the long run.
Knowledge of Japanese and EU markets and rigid labour laws
We have a deep understanding of the Japanese and EU market and laws. This knowledge is crucial to navigating essential business decisions when expanding into new markets.
Maintain your brand culture, respecting each country's culture
Maintain your brand culture, respecting each country's culture.
We have lots of experience and know-how to maintain your unique brand culture while appreciating the people and culture of the market you are entering.
Network of experts
We work with a network of trusted experts in all different fields. Knowing the right people in the right places is crucial to making your expansion successful.
Peace of mind
We will be your partner throughout the entire process. We will utilize opportunities and tackle any challenges that come our way, giving you complete peace of mind.

What others say about us

After 10 years in the same company, I need help for my next career step. From the first meeting with Signe, I was impressed by her professional approach and her extensive knowledge of the different industries, with advices tailored to me, my purpose and my values, making me feel supported and understood. She was also key in improving my resume, making it more impactful and comprehensible. I’ll definitely reach out to her for the interviews preparation!
Head of Marketing
Signe made a list of possible interview questions in advance so from the moment we started the practice I felt I was in a real job interview! After the mock interview, she kindly taught me how to explain my strengths, work history, and reasons for seeking a job that would leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. She also taught me how to ask questions to the interviewer, techniques for negotiating salary and working conditions and gave me advice on various aspects of the job interview. As a result, I received a job offer from my first choice company and was able to successfully negotiate my salary! What was most reassuring was that Signe believed in my potential 100%, pushed me and gave me the strength to believe in myself. If you don't know how to appeal at a job interview or how to negotiate with HR, or if you're not sure if you can succeed in changing jobs, please consult with Signe!
Strategy Consultant
I highly recommend Signe as a career coach. She patiently sits with you and simulates an interview, making sure to ask challenging questions as if it were a real interview. She is very helpful in picking out little details and mannerisms that you do not notice yourself. Her feedback was instrumental to me heading into the interview process with greater confidence.
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